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On results of the Summit in Berlin, examining the opinions of investors, crypto-enthusiasts, the requests of the world crypto community, the Team decided to implement the system of Delegates.

A Delegate is a representative of the Community in his/her country or region. His/her goals are to develop the local Community as a part of the global Community in its own language, taking into account the realities and legislation of his/her country. Ideally, the Delegate should accompany the forums, chats, social networks in his/her own language in his/her country simultaneously with the main channels of the Team, but taking into account local specifics, culture, religion. Also, the Delegate can organize an advertising campaign, seminars, conferences in his/her country to promote and popularize the United Crypto Community (UCOM), attract sellers ready to accept UCOM for payment, to attract or create exchanges working with UCOM, to develop the local Community, to interact with other national / regional Communities, to take any other measures for the development of the local and global Communities.

The Delegate can choose the operation mode - from the minimum (keeping the chat / channel of the Community in his/her own language) to the enlarged format, as described above. The Delegate should be a public person, have profiles in social networks, experience and understanding of the crypto sphere.

Any person can put forward his candidacy. The idea is to give possibility to people from all over the world to prove themselves, realize their potential. The level of intelligence and education of the average statistical crypto investor, as a rule, is at a high level. The Team wants to attract these people and resources, at the same time enabling such active people to realize themselves and earn money.

To become a Delegate, the applicant must submit his/her plan of actions and budget. Separately highlight the desired reward for the work. The plan can be both long-term (up to 12 months) and short-term (from 1 month). The Team will assist in the adjustment and preparation of the plan as a part of the global Mission of the project. It is recommended to present and get preliminary approval of the Board of Directors. Then plan is proposed to the general Masternodes voting, in case of its approval, funding will be allocated automatically (DAO) for each month separately. At the end of each month, the Delegate will present a report to the Board of Directors, after verification, the report will be published in all Community channels. Depending on the country, the results of the delegate's work and the changing conditions, the requested amount of funding may vary.

Suggestions and questions about delegates can be sent to the e-mail

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